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Ian Hopper Memorial Reserve Redevelopment


Client : Thames-Coromandel District Council

Position Held : Landscape Architect

  • Consultation

  • Community consultation

  • Concept plan development 

  • Budgeting.

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Given Grove Playground Redevelopment


Client : Thames-Coromandel District Council

Position Held : Landscape Architect

TCDC partnered with  Geoff Canham Consulting to procure and manage the redevelopment of Given Grove Playground. 

  • Consultation

  • Community consultation

  • Concept plans

  • Manufacturer liaison 

  • Plan development 

  • Budgeting

  • Fundraising.

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Residential Garden Design, Hornby Christchurch


Position Held : Residential Garden Designer


  • low maintenance garden space featuring with year-round interest through seasonal variance


  • Retain vistas including the existing structural trees along perspective-leveraged fence lines.

  • Gardens feature gently curved edges to soften the small rectangular space.

  • Wooden pergola creates ‘transition zone’ to improve indoor – outdoor flow.

  • Plant palette selected for seasonal change to encourage visual interest and curiosity year-round.


Eastwoodhill Arboretum

2012 - 2013

Client : Eastwoodhill Arboretum, National Arboretum of New Zealand

  • Project planning

  • Master plan implementation projects.


Mangorewa Gorge SH33

2009 - 2010

Client : Rotorua District Council and NZTA

Position Held : Landscape design and project management

  • Two Pou and carved rocks commissioned and installed with three Iwi

  • Interpretation panel design and installation

  • Landscape design

  • Overall project management. 


Gisborne Multi-Purpose Facility Feasibility Study


Client : Gisborne District Council

Position Held : Project Manager

  • Recreation evidence from consultation and secondary research.

  • Steering group workshops.

  • Feasibility study author.


Tauranga Harbour Recreation Strategy


Client : Bay Of Plenty Regional Council

Position Held : Recreation planner and project manager of recreation survey

  • Design, implementation and analysis of recreation surveys of harbour users/ visitors.    


Western Bay of Plenty Cycle Network


Client : Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Position Held : Project Manager

 District network planning, fundraising and Implementation 

  • Consultation

  • Project management

  • Fundraising: $1.3 million to date

  • Community consultation

  • Stakeholder consultation and programmes. 


Fordlands Expert Evidence for Park Provision in Tauranga City Area for Plan Change 25


Client : Fordland

  • Expert parks provision evidence

  • Presenting at hearing.


Puketoromiro Pa


Client : Tauranga City Council

Position Held : Landscape Architect

The purpose is to create a unique landmark which serves as a point of note for Tauranga City now, and in the years to follow. Swathes of native planting accentuate the terraced land form of the Pa site. Plant species were selected for their hardiness, seasonal interest and appeal to native birds, insects and lizards.

  • Concept plan development

  • Plant selection.


Queenstown Responsible Camping Strategy Implementation Plan


Client : Department of Conservation

Position Held : Recreation Planner

A pan-organisational strategy within a formal project structure to peer review and complete the overall strategy. This project continued on into planning the implementation phases and resource audit to successfully achieve the outcomes of the strategy for responsible camping. 

  • Strategy team review

  • Implementation plan 

  • Resource audit

  • Working with project steering group.

Commercial Garden Design, Tauranga CBD


Position Held : Commercial Garden Designer

  • A blend of residential and commercial land uses in the area required a home garden styled yet easy care border as a front feature for the clients commercial property in the Tauranga CBD.

  • The final design featured the use of existing vegetation to a great extent serving to reduce construction costs and provide an element of maturity to the garden.

  • Hardy groundcover and conical evergreen suppress weeds and reduce the need for irrigation in the long term.

  • Provided advice for the removal and replanting of key species in addition to sourcing new plant species per the design.

Exp. Rec evidence -Auckland.jpg

Expert Recreation Evidence, Higham Road Stopping


Client : Auckland Council

  • Recreation assessment and evidence for Environment Court and reports on options available to the process

  • Mediation assistance.


Hurunui Recreation Assessment


Client : Hurunui Water Project

Position Held : Recreation Expert

  • Field assessment for recreation and recommendations.


Physical Activity Strategy, Active Westland

2006 - 2007

Client : Westland District Council

Position Held : Project Coordinator

  • Consultation

  • Survey

  • Analysis

  • Strategy development. 


Kauri Point Historic Reserve Development


Client : Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Position Held : Project Manager

Implementation aspects of the Kauri Point Reserve Management Plan

  • Development planning process over area of historic reserve

  • Community consultation

  • Tangata whenua consultation and cultural assessment.

  • Project management of community project group

  • Development research, options, costings and concepts

  • Presentations to Iwi, Council and the community

  • Implementation planning and funding plans.  


Environment Canterbury Parks Department Business Plan


Client : Environment Canterbury (ECAN)

Position Held : Principal Specialist Parks and Recreation Consultant

Review recreational and land based planning documentation and operations. Provision of business planning review document. 

  • Reviewer

  • Analyst

  • Business planning.


Bay of Plenty District Health Board


  • Policy assistance

  • Workshop facilitation.


Ōpōtiki District Council Reserve Management Plan and Asset Management Plan

2018 - 2019

Client : Ōpōtiki District Council

  • Management plan

  • Asset management plan

  • Consultation.

Doncaster Drive, Papamoa


Subdivision Consent assistance: Vegetation Selection and Landscape Assessment

Client : Gemscott Limited

Position Held : Landscape Architect

  • Provide plant species palette to support the consent application for the development of a medium density residential development in Papamoa.

  • Providing landscape planting recommendations and instructions per the supplied architects concept drawings.

  • Inclusive of suggestions to mitigate visual impact.

  • Planting specifications and maintenance schedule at GCC’s suggestion to reduce the landscape construction and procurement period down the track.


Auckland Council Volcanic Cones

2012 - 2013

Client : Auckland Council

  • Business planning

  • Procurement plans

  • Interpretation and Way Finding project (including ‘Myparx’ application)

  • World Heritage Sites nomination application research and project team

  • Business Case for guiding services by Tamaki Hikoi

  • Maungawhau kiosk heritage building restoration

  • Preparation work for Reserves Act Classification preparation and Levels of Service project

  • Investment proposals.


Auckland Council

2010 - 2012

Client : Auckland Council

  • Business planning project for new departments of Council

  • Documentation and consultation assistance-Maungawhau

  • Project management for development works-Maungawhau.   


TECT All Terrain Park Development

2008 - 2010

Client : Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Position Held : Project Manager and Recreation Planner roles

  • Management plan

  • Development plan

  • Funding plan

  • Project management of Arrival Centre construction project

  • Landscape design

  • Project management up to park opening.


Huharua Sub-Regional Harbour Park Development

2006 - 2012

Client : Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Position Held : Project Manager

  • Project managing the development of the park in partnership with Tangata Whenua and the community, in accordance with the Reserves, Historic Places and Resource Management Acts.  


Tauranga City Council


Client : Tauranga City Council

Position Held : Parks and Leisure Manager


At Tauranga City Council Geoff lead combined projects with:

  • Tangata Whenua - collaborative projects

  • Mauao (the Mount) business planning and management

  • The establishment of a regional park network

  • An expansive phase of aquatic and stadium/ facility development

  • The consolidation and improvement within sporting codes via new Sportville policy and processes

  • Geoff also set up the Frank Sydenham Gardens Botanic Gardens Trust and project managed the inception of this new botanic garden process.


Greater Wellington Regional Council Regional Parks Plan Review


Client : Greater Wellington Regional Council

Position Held : Facilitator and Reviewer

Community consultation and workshops for the preparation of the draft review for the Regional Parks Management Plan. 

  • Review 

  • Facilitation

  • Best practice consideration

  • Consultation

  • Key informant workshops.