Our Projects

Geoff Canham has 30 years’ experience in the recreation and parks/open space sector, in project management, management plans, contract specification and procurement, strategic planning, research and policy.  

Our main strengths centre on a multi-talented approach, blending technical skills with communication ability in large community projects and/ or statutory processes. 

Geoff Canham has a lifelong interest in the parks and recreation industry. Over a 30 year career Geoff has had 23 years of local government parks experience in New Zealand and overseas including eight years as Parks and Leisure Manager for Tauranga City Council.

Geoff has been a specialist recreation and parks consultant working on a variety of strategic and recreation infrastructural related projects for local authorities in New Zealand. This work has involved co-governance preparation, business planning and project management work for parks and feasibility work for new parks, aquatic and recreation facilities. These strategic planning and business planning projects have worked with governance, management and user groups/ constituent levels and have involved more recently the Volcanic Cones of Tamaki Makaurau.   

The projects outlined in this section will give you some insight in to the experience we bring to each and every project.