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In a nutshell, we love:

  • Project management
  • Programme management
  • Strategic planning
  • Community planning
  • Regional parks establishment and development
  • Reserve management plans
  • Investment plans for alternative funding of parks and recreation
  • Physical activity strategies
  • Vegetation assessments
  • Peer review for parks and recreation
  • Local Government parks,  recreation and aquatic recruitment
  • Facilitator and presentations
  • Leisure facilities development
  • Parks and recreation operational procurement
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Business plans 
  • Recreation plans
Geoff Canham Consulting are Parks and Recreation Specialists. We offer expertise in: 

Parks project management, including parks and recreation infrastructure and development

Parks and recreation management support  (business plans, reviews, investment plans, marketing plans, capacity support, general professional services to assist) 

Recreation planning

Recreation expert witness

Policy and strategy documents

Community consultation

Regional park planning and development 

Contract documentation for maintenance contracts and procurement processes

Local and sports park planning and development, walkway and cycleway planning and development

Reserve management plans

Way finding and interpretation project management

Reserve land acquisition, Reserves Act process assistance, parks consultation

Facilities feasibility reports and business planning for recreation infrastructure

Asset management plans, activity plans, and levels of service reviews

Maintenance contract market benchmarking analysis

Specialist horticultural, amenity and propagation professional services

Landscape design work including species listings and plant selection